The League of California Cities has tapped the expertise of two leaders on the MuniServices team to provide insights to the State of California’s largest association of cities. Fran Mancia, vice president of government relations for MuniServices, was appointed to the League of California Cities’ Revenue and Taxation Policy Committee, while Brenda Narayan, director of government relations, was appointed to the League’s Governance, Transparency and Labor Relations Policy Committee.

Each year, the Revenue and Taxation Policy Committee reviews state policies that could impact the ways cities create and manage revenue. In its role, the Committee reviews existing League positions, adopted annual conference resolutions, and uses the collective knowledge and experience of Committee members to make preliminary positions on legislation. These recommendations are then given to the League’s Board of Directors for official approval.

“I have spent my career working diligently to protect local revenue,” says Mancia. “But beyond dollars and cents, I have seen where my work has helped pave roads, uplift blighted neighborhoods, and put more police officers on the street. These are the things our communities care about. These are the things I’m working to protect.”

The Governance, Transparency and Labor Relations Policy Committee reviews state legislation as it relates to transparency, technology and open data, healthcare, elections and political reform. The Committee also oversees other labor-related issues, including pension and workers compensation reform.

“Since the Partner Program’s inception, MuniServices has had the privilege to serve on various committees. As the Partner voice, I look forward to engaging with the Committee on the timely and emerging policy issues that come before this group,” says Narayan.

MuniServices is one of the nation’s leading providers of tax auditing and revenue recovery services for local municipalities.

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