For more than a decade, Julia Erdkamp has been an ardent advocate for local communities, serving on staff for local and federal agencies, including the County of Orange, and now as a client services manager with MuniServices. Last month, that service expanded when she was appointed to the Association of California Cities – Orange County’s (ACC-OC) Legislative and Regulatory Committee and Local Government Finance Committee.

“I’m honored and excited to have a seat at the table of these two committees,” said Erdkamp. “As a resident of Orange County, and someone who has seen firsthand how state and federal policies can affect local communities, I am deeply committed to protecting cities in Orange County and beyond.”

In her new roles on the ACC-OC’s committees, Erdkamp will continue her work in support of local controls and funding. On the Legislative and Regulatory Committee, she will help review and analyze pending state legislation that could have a cumulative impact on ACC-OC members. On the Local Government Finance Committee, she will address challenges cities face on pension reform and local revenue, and work with other ACC-OC members to create innovative solutions to these problems.

“The work of ACC-OC committees is critical to our mission of advancing good policy ideas for local government,” said ACC-OC CEO Heather Stratman. “MuniServices’ professional expertise, deep government relations experience and longstanding commitment to protecting Orange County’s cities brings valuable expertise to our policy discussions. ACC-OC policy ideas will be even stronger as a result of MuniServices involvement.”

Early this year, MuniServices, one of the nation’s leading municipal tax auditors and an ACC-OC member, joined with ACC-OC members in Sacramento in meetings with state legislators and department directors to discuss Orange County’s regional priorities.

“The work these committees do reaches far beyond Orange County. Pension reform and control over local taxes are issues all cities and counties across California face,” said Erdkamp. “In addition to my work at MuniServices, my service on these committees is another way I can be helpful in protecting local communities from well-intentioned but flawed policies.”

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