The Rancho Mirage Energy Authority (RMEA), a California Choice Energy Authority (CalChoice) associate member, hosted a community-focused solar seminar at the Rancho Mirage Library and Observatory on May 29 to help residents make informed energy decisions. 

As part of RMEA’s push to supply cleaner, cheaper energy, it has incentivized the use of solar panels by offering a higher rebate for excess energy than Southern California Edison.

“It’s essential to increase interest and understanding about solar in our city,” noted Tiana Mackamul, Senior Management Analyst in Rancho Mirage and moderator of the seminar. “We are thrilled that 50 residents attended our session to learn about logistics and best practices.”

Barbara Boswell, president of the energy-focused Bayshore Consulting Group, opened the seminar with a brief overview of RMEA and its benefits to the community. 

Following Boswell, Judi Schweitzer, an expert in sustainable real estate development, spoke about best practices for energy efficiency. Schweitzer linked solar power being a vital component to efficient buildings. She expanded on ways to decrease energy use in homes and the importance of meeting that reduced demand with clean solar energy. The audience was particularly interested in Schweitzer’s segment about “blue light” design strategies, a type of light provided by the sun, and it’s impact to our health. 

Patrick Sheehan, an executive at the solar-installation firm Renova Energy, followed Schweitzer’s presentation with a detail-oriented explanation of solar energy logistics. Sheehan explained the differences in solar energy technologies, the range of financing options, and the variety tax credits available to residents. . 

Finally, Boswell returned to the podium to go over RMEA’s Net Energy Metering program, a solar incentive that allows customers to send excess energy to the grid in exchange for credits. In the final 40 minutes, the panelists fielded questions that ranged from solar installation practices, financing options and billing logistics. 

“We’re pleased with the level of participation at this workshop,” Mackamul stated. “The strong turnout shows that our community is engaged with our mission of supplying cheaper, cleaner power.” 

About CalChoice

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About RMEA

Rancho Mirage Energy Authority launched in May 2018 to provide cheaper, cleaner energy for the community. As a CalChoice associate member, RMEA receives guidance from the CalChoice team on all things related to the CCA. Customers are automatically enrolled in RMEA’s electricity generation service and benefit from a 5% discount from SCE rates. RMEA’s Base Choice supplies 50% carbon-free energy and customers can opt. up to 100% renewable energy for very affordable rate. To learn more, please visit