Julia Erdkamp to Partner with Mike Busch’s UFI Public Management Group and Extend Financial Acumen Into Organizational Execution

Two trusted and experienced public agency advisors announced that they have joined forces to provide unparalleled services integrating both financial solutions and strategic planning. This week Michael Busch, Urban Futures Inc. (UFI) Chief Executive and Strategy Officer and Julia Erdkamp, Coxswain Consulting CEO, formally launched the partnership, which emerged through extensive discussions and a shared vision for the challenges public agencies are facing.

Government needs more than siloed fixes to organizational and financial challenges. UFI has worked with hundreds of agencies on financial plans, but once you have a plan it is the implementation within the organization that becomes the barrier to success. Most government leaders understand that organizational strategies and financial solutions go hand-in-hand, and we saw it as our responsibility to address this gap for our clients with an integrated solution,” Busch said.

The partnership will offer clients a unique, one-stop suite of services, aligning strong financial analytics already offered by UFI with leadership, organizational and organizational vision facilitation by Coxswain Consulting. Erdkamp’s expertise in assisting public agencies with organizational improvement, change management and culture innovations will prove invaluable in helping local government leaders go from plan to implementation. The combined expertise of UFI Public Management and Coxswain Consulting delivers the most comprehensive approach for public agencies to chart a bright financial future.

Holistic solutions are an organizational imperative now. If we are going to be ready to face the challenges of tomorrow – pensions, emerging markets, evolving economic bases, multi-generational workplaces, technology shifts – public agencies have to think strategically. This partnership will equip leaders and their teams with the tools to navigate the uncharted water ahead,” Erdkamp explained. “Partnering with UFI was a win for everyone. UFI’s team is the clear leader in charting financial futures for agencies. Together, we can go from charting to implementation.”

Both firms are led by experienced government leaders that transcend typical consulting models and have distinguished themselves as valuable partners to local government.

Coxswain Consulting’s CEO Julia Erdkamp is a familiar face around the local government space and has distinguished herself as an indispensable thought leader and strategist. Erdkamp has been a speaker for the League of California Cities, California State Association of Counties, California Society of Municipal Financial Officers, and the Municipal Management Association of Southern California, among others. With her award-winning expertise, Erdkamp has pioneered several leadership and training programs, including the Municipal Financial Management Program, and been a consultant to over 70 public agencies in California.

Urban Futures Inc. was founded 1972 but began a major transformation when it welcomed Michael Busch as CEO five years ago. Under Busch’s leadership, UFI has risen to become the number one municipal advisory firm (Source: SDC Platinum, Equal to each manager) in California providing financial and budget forecasting, capital financing, pension modeling, debt reporting, and strategic funding options. With over 20 municipal and financial advisors, the boutique firm is a powerhouse with a reputation for producing results for cities, counties, school districts, and special districts.

The partnership will make its debut at the upcoming California Society of Municipal Finance Officers (CSMFO) Annual Conference, January 28-31, 2020 in Anaheim, California.

Public agencies curious about how this partnership can help their organization can contact Julia Erdkamp at Julia@coxswainadvisors.com or Michael Busch at  Michaelb@urbanfuturesinc.com.