Mayor details initiatives, recommends shelving business tax ballot measure being considered for November 2020

City of Culver City Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells today sent a letter to Culver City businesses that detailed Culver City’s initiatives to assist businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Mayor’s letter lists the initial actions the City has taken since March 20th to help businesses, including:

  • Prohibiting commercial evictions due to circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic, through at least May 31.
  • Delaying the deadline for Culver City business taxes by two months, until June 1.
  • Waiving the outdoor dining license fee for the duration of the emergency.
  • Waiving the valet parking license fee for the duration of the emergency.
  • Suspending restrictions on outdoor business signage to allow businesses to communicate that they are open for pick-up and delivery of food.
  • Permitting temporary parking in loading zones and rideshare pickup zones.
  • Waiving fees at parking meters for the first fifteen minutes.
  • Increasing free parking at City parking garages from one hour to two hours.
  • Cutting by 50% of the monthly parking fees at City parking garages.
  • Shelving a proposal for residential rental unit registration fees.
  • Partnering with the Chamber of Commerce to organize on an ongoing COVID-19 Business Roundtable. At this weekly meeting open to all Culver City businesses, businesses can speak directly to two Council Members and Culver City’s Economic Development team. The meeting has made it simple for businesses to express concerns, ask questions, and learn about resources and opportunities that the City has identified.
  • Partnering with the Chamber of Commerce to hold a webinar for businesses on Friday, April 17th at 12:30 p.m., to explain the latest public health requirements for businesses and ongoing business assistance resources.
  • Culver City’s Economic Development team is actively monitoring programs and resources available through federal, state and county governments to help small businesses and employers navigate this economic disruption.
  • Creating a COVID-19 business information webpage where businesses can find assistance and resources.
  • Making available dedicated Culver City Economic Development team members to work with individual businesses one-on-one to assist each business with its challenges.

Mayor Sahli-Wells also recommended that the City stop any planning to place a measure to increase business taxes on the November 2020 ballot.

“Culver City’s business taxes are substantially lower than other cities in the region, and our City government faces enormous fiscal challenges while serving more community needs than ever before. However, we need to do everything we can during the coming months to support our business community. Now is not the time for increasing taxes on our businesses,” said Mayor Sahli-Wells.

In her letter, Mayor Sahli-Wells also thanked local businesses for volunteering during the crisis, and for their cooperation with the “Stay at Home” orders.  She also recommended that businesses sign-up for coronavirus email updates from the City and check the City’s coronavirus webpage often to stay in touch with the latest information for businesses.

The full text of Mayor Sahli-Wells’ letter can be found online. Businesses with questions or concerns about any of the above items can email Culver City’s Economic Development team or call them at (310) 253-5765.

About Culver City

Culver City is a five-square-mile, urban community of 39,000 residents surrounded mostly by the City of Los Angeles but also shares a border with unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. It is centrally located on the Westside near Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles International Airport.  Culver City is particularly known for its well-run public school system, “small town” charm, growing high-tech and creative economies, and a dynamic downtown that is regionally known as a destination for restaurants, live theater, and art galleries.