Sylvia Munoz Schnopp, mayor pro tem of the City of Port Hueneme, and Steve Tye, mayor of the City of Diamond Bar, were appointed to the Executive Committee of the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority on March 25, 2020. Schnopp and Tye fill the vacant seats of President Curtis Morris and Committee Member Daryl Hofmeyer, who retired this spring. 

“The California JPIA is pleased to welcome Sylvia Munoz Schnopp and Steve Tye to serve on the Executive Committee,” says Chief Executive Officer Jon Shull. “While Curtis and Daryl left big shoes to fill, I’m confident that Sylvia and Steve will bring important new skills and perspectives to our leadership team.”

Schnopp, elected to a third, four-year term on the Port Hueneme City Council in 2016, has served as a council member, mayor pro tem, and mayor; and she served as a member of the audit, branding, and water rate committees. She chairs the Port Hueneme Water Agency and represents the City of Port Hueneme as a member of the board of directors of the Ventura County Council of Governments. She is also an alternate board member for the Economic Development Collaborative of Ventura County. This acumen for leadership is what drew her to the new role on the Authority’s Executive Committee.

“I’ve always seen the Authority as a leader—very much an innovator—in member service,” she said. “Serving on the Executive Committee will give me a more focused perspective on the strategic direction of the organization. I look forward to contributing to the leadership team in a positive fashion. It’s a great privilege.”

Schnopp describes the Authority as a “risk management partner” because the organization’s staff and leadership works alongside members to mitigate risks and find solutions, providing exceptional resources like education and other value-added resources. In her community of Port Hueneme, for example, she says that the Authority has served as not only a guide back to the right track but also a champion.

“We build memberships into real, long-lasting relationships,” she said. “That’s the real value of it all.”

An adjunct professor of business, accounting, and entrepreneurship at Oxnard College, Schnopp owns Schnopp Consulting Group. She previously was national director for multicultural outreach initiatives for AT&T Wireless Services and marketing director for United Way of Ventura County. She holds an MBA from California Lutheran University, a B.S. in Business Administration from Cal State University-Northridge, and Ministry Studies and Ministry Licensing from Ventura’s World Reaching Faith, Inc.

“My 12 years’ experience on the Port Hueneme City Council brings depth and perspective that, coupled with my extensive business background, both in nonprofit and corporate America, represents a well-rounded set of experiences,” she said. “I look forward to bringing all of that together in this new role on the Executive Committee.”

Tye is serving in his fourth term as mayor of Diamond Bar, having previously served as mayor in 2007, 2011 and 2015. He was elected to the Diamond Bar City Council in November 2005 and re-elected in 2009, 2013 and 2018. He is the City Council’s delegate to the Foothill Transit Board, the Tres Hermanos Conservation Authority, Los Angeles County Sanitation District No. 21, Los Angeles County City Selection Committee, and he is trustee for the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District.

Tye has been involved with the Authority since 2005 and is excited to take on the new role of Executive Committee member.

“For the past 15 years, I have been familiar with the Authority and how important it is in managing risks,” Tye said. “With that experience, I can appreciate how important it is—as an Executive Committee member now—to make good decisions on behalf of all the Authority members.”

In addition to serving as a Diamond Bar city leader, Tye serves as an Insurance and Financial Services representative with Farmers Insurance. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration from California State University, Dominguez Hills.

“I bring the perspective of a small business operator and 15 years of experience with the City Council,” Tye said.

Through his involvement with the California JPIA, Tye has developed a critical eye for potential risk management issues and looks forward to helping the Authority advance a culture of risk mitigation.

“I don’t look at ‘a walk around the park’ as just a walk around the park anymore; I’m looking for potential slips and trips. In business we call that, ‘Antenna up, radar on,’” Tye said. “I think if we can get more people to think that way, we can better manage risks in our communities.”

 The California JPIA Executive Committee consists of nine members elected by the Board of Directors to provide day-to-day policy direction to the Authority’s staff. The committee meets monthly to consider policies related to the California JPIA’s many programs and services. In addition, the Executive Committee also carries out ex-officio responsibility for Claims, Budget, Bylaws, and Personnel committees. Learn more about each of the members on the Authority’s Executive Committee webpage.

Congratulations Sylvia and Steve, and welcome to the Executive Committee.