City of Lancaster logoThe City of Lancaster is working to improve the lives of residents by using advanced technologies to build a safer, more efficient city.

The City has launched a number of Smart City projects and initiatives, in accordance with its vision of Strategic Technology, Innovation, and Resilience (STIR). One such project is the new Advanced Traffic Management System solution, launched in May 2020, which provides City staff with real-time data and predictive intelligence to manage traffic signals at intersections and allow traffic operators to adapt to traffic incidents and congestion.

The Advanced Traffic Management System solution is enabled by hardware and software provided by Moxa Inc., which recently highlighted the City of Lancaster in a smart cities case study. Before replacing the City’s aging traffic management infrastructure, the equipment did not allow for remote monitoring of traffic conditions. With the new traffic management system in place, City staff can monitor traffic using sensors at key intersections to detect issues and adjust traffic lights accordingly.

“Through the adoption of Smart City technology, the City of Lancaster continues its strong tradition of innovation,” said City of Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris. “The new tools being implemented, including Moxa’s hardware and software solutions, will enable City staff to better serve Lancaster residents, today and in the future.”

In addition to the Smart City technologies featured in the case study, the City has been investing in safety improvements through the Safer Streets Action Plan. The plan, which has involved data-driven infrastructure improvements across the city, has resulted in fewer car crashes and fewer fatalities across Lancaster’s streets. For more information, visit the Safer Streets Action Plan webpage on the City’s website.