Cities still need billions more to avoid massive cuts to jobs and core services to residents

League of California Cities logoFollowing the Legislature’s vote to pass the FY 2020-21 State Budget, League of California Cities Executive Director Carolyn Coleman issued the below statement in reference to the Legislature’s proposal to increase the state’s CARES Act funding allocation to cities to $500 million and establish a floor allocation of $50,000 per city. In the Governor’s May Revision, the state’s allocation was $450 million and did not provide a minimum allocation for each city.

“The League appreciates the Legislature’s recognition that all California cities, big and small, are experiencing severe budget impacts as a result of COVID-19, and that no city can be left behind in the response and recovery of the pandemic. This additional funding, and the minimum allocation for each city, allows for a more equitable distribution of much needed CARES Act dollars to be used to offset expenses incurred in fighting COVID-19.

“Unfortunately, nothing in the budget addresses the $7 billion general revenue shortfall cities face. Given this is not the end of the budget negotiations for this year, we call on the state to do more in the August revision to address the reality that without additional funding, essential city services that residents depend on will be reduced or even eliminated. In the coming weeks, the League will continue to fight for resources for all of our cities at the state and federal levels to help cities respond to, and recover from, this crisis.”

Established in 1898, the League of California Cities is a nonprofit statewide association that advocates for cities with the state and federal governments and provides education and training services to elected and appointed city officials.