City of Menlo Park logoMenlo Park Police Chief Dave Bertini announced during the City Council’s June 18 special meeting, his intention to retire effective July 30. However, following a discussion with City Manager Starla Jerome-Robinson, he has agreed to continue as police chief after that date to ensure a smooth transition.

Hailing from the Pacifica, where his law enforcement career began as a police explorer over 30 years ago, Bertini was hired as a reserve officer in 1986. In 1987, he became a public safety dispatcher before joining Pacifica’s force as a full-time police officer in 1998. He was then promoted to police captain in 2008. Bertini joined Menlo Park in 2011 as police commander before being named interim police chief in January 2018. Bertini has served as the city’s permanent police chief since July 2018.

Bertini’s resignation comes in the wake of ongoing nationwide calls for police reform and Menlo Park’s current budget challenges stemming from the unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic. Today’s telephone town hall and special city council meeting provided a forum to garner feedback from the community and bring the City Council together to discuss ideas for moving forward. It is an emotional and highly charged topic, but one Menlo Park is ready to address.

“Dave has proven himself as a valued leader, instructor and eminent law enforcement professional in the Bay Area. I appreciate his professionalism, having worked with and known him for many years since he joined the management ranks here in Menlo Park. I am grateful for his service and willingness to stay on to help us work through this very challenging time,” said City Manager Starla Jerome-Robinson.

Chief Bertini has said he will provide a further statement in the coming days.