City of Poway logoAt a special council meeting on Wednesday, July 15, the Poway City Council unanimously agreed to temporarily relax restrictions at city parks to make outdoor spaces available for houses of worship and fitness-oriented businesses.

Poway Mayor Steve Vaus initiated the idea in response to the state’s action on Monday that expanded the list of indoor activities put on hold in order to limit the spread of COVID-19.

“In Poway we often think outside the box, this time we’re thinking outside the walls,” said Mayor Vaus. “Last week we offered restaurants a lifeline through the simple act of loaning picnic tables and the outpouring of support in Poway was overwhelming. Given the current mandates, we need to look for creative and safe ways to help keep more ‘doors’ open in Poway.  We’ve got the space at our parks to offer this, at no cost, with minimal impact on other park users.”

“Sharing Outdoor Spaces” is a temporary change of policy for the duration of the restriction on indoor activity; the City of Poway does not normally allow commercial use of city parks. Use of park space, at no cost, would be limited to Poway-based houses of worship, and fitness organizations with a current Poway business certificate and commercial insurance. All COVID-19 safety guidelines would need to be adhered to, including rules regarding face coverings and social distancing.