City of South Lake Tahoe logoSouth Lake Tahoe City Council had a special meeting to discuss updates on the COVID-19 crisis and its impacts on the South Lake Tahoe community.

Council discussed an influx of tourism, keeping Tahoe safe, and managing litter and trash in City limits.

“We live in a beautiful pristine environment,” said City Manager Joe Irvin, “We owe it to each other, and the place we call home to keep Tahoe safe, clean, and open.”

Council directed the City Manager to issue an emergency order authorizing administrative fines for violations of the statewide mask order, in amounts of up to $100 for individuals and $500 for businesses.

“We will continue to enforce the governor’s order,” said Mayor Jason Collin, “Not wearing a mask, not socially distancing, is a blatant disregard for the safety of people who live and work in our City.”

Digital message boards will be posted at both ends of town alerting locals and visitors of these changes.

The City of South Lake Tahoe has partnered with South Tahoe Refuse, STR, to help address the litter issue. STR has agreed to work with our ambassador program to post signs on locked, commercial dumpsters and help pick up trash in public areas.

“This doesn’t mean people shouldn’t do their part,” said Irvin, “People should leave no trace when they enjoy Tahoe whether this is their home or they’re just visiting. We are, however, going to do all we can to make sure taking care of our environment and our wildlife is a top priority.”

City Council has asked staff to monitor how these new directives work in maintaining the health and safety of our community. The emergency order will be in place by this Friday.