City of Fullerton logoThe Fullerton Public Library Foundation has now become a greater force for positive change for all of the Fullerton community. In 1994, the Foundation was formed for the purpose of purchasing 2.4 acres of land on Bastanchury and Puente Street, the Bastanchury Property. The driving force for the acquisition was to create a branch library. That goal was never to be realized and the property lay dormant for many years. Two years ago, the Foundation agreed to sell the property to Brandywine Homes. The process of approval was completed on July 31, 2020 when the deed was transferred to Brandywine.

Now the Foundation is committed to returning to the original goal of the purchase. The proceeds from the sale and the continuing support of the community make the original goal of providing and enhancing library services throughout Fullerton realistic and reachable.

A group of visionary men and women established the Foundation over two decades ago. That vision, to extend library services throughout the community, continues today in new and creative ways so everyone can access and enjoy the many assets and services of a free, public library.