City of Grover Beach logoThe City of Grover Beach has awarded a second round of COVID-19 relief microgrants to 23 small local businesses following an initial round of microgrants awarded in June. To date, the City has distributed more than $250,000 to 40 Grover Beach businesses to assist them with combating economic setbacks brought about by COVID-19 health restrictions. 

“From the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been committed to working with our local businesses to understand their needs and take action to help minimize impacts,” said Grover Beach City Manager Matthew Bronson. “We know that complying with these health guidelines is difficult and costly and are glad to provide these microgrants as a way to help businesses adapt and bounce back.” 

Businesses that have benefited from the Grover Beach microgrant program include restaurants and cafes, breweries, spas, salons, retail shops, and manufacturing businesses throughout the city. Since public health and safety is a top priority, each microgrant recipient was required to submit the County’s completed self-certification form to verify safe reopening consistent with public health guidelines. 

Similar to the initial round of grants in June, the second round of the business assistance microgrants is being rolled out in partnership with the South County Chambers of Commerce. The following 23 businesses have been awarded microgrants under this second round of the program and will each receive up to $5,000 in one-time financial assistance: 

  • 8575 Perfetto Caffe 
  • A Hole in the Sky 
  • Aikinjo slo, Inc. Dba Izakaya Raku 
  • Bittersweet Brewing Company 
  • Brandiwyne Bodyworks 
  • Brass & Needle Beauty Bar 
  • BS & RG Holdings, LLC 
  • Elpro Inc 
  • FUEGO 
  • Grover Station Grill 
  • Heidi’s Suite 
  • KJB Screen Printing and Embroidery 
  • La Casita Restaurante 
  • Let’s Wing It 
  • ManRock Brewing Company 
  • Mongo’s Ventures Inc. DBA 3 Fat Guys Diner 
  • Pacific Inn Shiv Rudra, Inc. 
  • Princess Nail and Spa 
  • Shell Beach Floral Design 
  • Sloco Data, Inc 
  • Surfside deli 
  • The Studio of Performing Arts 
  • Tutta Bella Salon 

“The business community in Grover Beach has shown tremendous resilience in the face of huge challenges over the last several months” said Jocelyn Brennan, President/CEO of the South County Chambers of Commerce. “For a city with one of the smallest operating budgets per capita in the county, Grover Beach has gone above and beyond in investing in its local economy and supporting small businesses.” 

Both rounds of the business assistance microgrant program were funded by a mixture of one-time funding sources. This second round of microgrants was funded by $110,000 from the City’s CARES Act allocation while the initial round of microgrants was funded by $100,000 from the Diablo Canyon Power Plant decommissioning funds and $50,000 in General Fund funding. The City intends to offer additional business support programs such as microgrants and other programs with additional ongoing resources. 

The City of Grover Beach recognizes the importance of a diverse and healthy local economy, and is committed to implementing economic development strategies that help businesses be successful and expand local employment opportunities. Assisting local businesses that are weathering the hardships brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic through programs such as microgrants is just the tip of the iceberg of Grover Beach’s business-friendly City government. Residents interested in learning more about the City’s economic initiatives and the City’s partnership with the Chamber are encouraged to review the Biannual Chamber Economic Development Update staff report from the September 21 Council Meeting.