County of MonoEffective September 14, updated requirements for screening employees for symptoms of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) will go into effect in Mono County and the Town of Mammoth Lakes. While employees may still self-screen, these updated requirements essentially shift the screening process activity from the responsibility of the employee (offsite), to the employer (onsite). A requirement for onsite temperature measurement has been added. These updated requirements supersede and replace the Health Officer Order of March 24. This Order is intended to reduce the likelihood of exposure to COVID-19, by identifying and excluding from the workplace employees who are infected, or are likely infected, with the COVID-19 virus.

“A multi-faceted approach to reducing spread in Mono County is necessary,” stated Dr. Tom Boo, Mono County Health Officer. “This involves distancing, face coverings, avoidance of gatherings, testing and contact tracing, ongoing education and enforcement, exclusion of ill persons from work and other public places.”


  • Employers shall be responsible for ensuring that all employees self-screen or are screened at
    the workplace for COVID-19 symptoms at the beginning of each employee’s shift and at a
    location that is safely distanced from other business operations.
  • A written log of screening shall be provided by the employer and signed by each employee
    following the screening procedures to affirm that there are no symptoms or exposure. This log
    or record may be either paper or digital/computer-based.
  • For the duration of the declared emergency, the written logs must be stored and maintained by
    the employer and made available for inspection upon request by Mono County Public Health.
  • Employees who are sick or who exhibit symptoms at the time of screening or at any time during
    their work shift, as well as those who have been exposed to people with COVID-19 shall be
    excluded from the workplace and should contact Mono County Public Health or a licensed
    clinician for further guidance. The employee shall remain out of work until cleared to return by
    Mono County Public Health or a licensed clinician.


  • Screening shall consist of verification of a lack of any of the following symptoms, which are
    indicative of COVID-19 infection:
    • Temperature of 100.4F or higher;
    • Chills;
    • Cough;
    • Shortness of breath;
    • Headache;
    • Sore throat,
    • Unexplained body (muscle or
      joint) aches;
    • New loss of smell or taste;
    • New congestion or runny nose;
    • Abdominal pain; or,
    • Diarrhea or vomiting.
  • Employees shall instead sign the screening log to verify when symptoms are absent, and need
    not identify or describe specific symptoms on the employer log.
  • If one or more highly indicative symptoms are present (as outlined in Order), the employee shall
    not sign the screening log and shall instead immediately leave the premises and remain out of
    the workplace until cleared to return to work.
  • If less indicative symptoms are present (as outlined in Order), and there is plausible, non-COVID reasoning for the symptoms, the employee may sign the screening log and report to work.

This Order is effective September 14, 2020. Violation of a Health Officer Order is a misdemeanor and may result in criminal and/or civil liability, injunction, the imposition of fines or any other remedy available at law or in equity. In addition, violation by a business or one or more employees of a business may result in closure of the business by the Health Officer, if necessary, for further evaluation of employees and/or the protection of public health.

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