With wildfires raging across the state, no one can deny our current air is unhealthy. California Clean Air Day is a non-profit, statewide program designed to help people take control of the polluted air they’re breathing now as well as when the fires are out. Built on the idea that shared experiences unite people, taking action on one day is an opportunity to jumpstart new behaviors that will improve our communities’ health. Even with wildfire smoke and the impacts of COVID19, Californians are once again joining together to take actions to protect themselves and their community from polluted air.

Clean Air Day encourages individuals, organizations, and communities across the state to participate in ways that make sense for them and take the Clean Air Day Pledge. They choose from a menu of activities to clear the air, ranging from changing air filters to opting not to drive, to switching out harmful cleaning products, to not idling their car engines.

To date, over 460 organizations have signed up including Blue Shield, Taco Bell, UPS, SnapChat, Tinder, Lime, Intuit, utilities, government agencies, schools, universities, and more!

Elected Mayors and Councilmembers from cities across the State have joined the Clean Air Day City Leaders Challenge including Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles, Long Beach and cities around the State, representing over millions Californians.

Local communities across the state are also participating through hyper-local activations based on ideas they submitted for a Clean Air Day Microgrants that required at least two community groups to work together to engage their local residents, businesses, and/or commuters. Some examples include local tree plantings, school events, electric vehicle events, and even community bike rides. You can see a list of dozens of events here: https://www.cleanairday.org/events/

California Clean Air Day is in its third year, and all Californians are encouraged to participate by taking the pledge at cleanairday.org. Clean Air Day is produced and coordinated by the non-profit Coalition for Clean Air, and has dozens of official partners and sponsors, as seen at https://www.cleanairday.org/about/sponsors-and-partners/

Visit CleanAirDay.org to see the pledge and more information on this statewide day of action that is easy, fun, and totally California.

For additional information or assistance contact Brian Sheridan at (626) 376-2171 or John Bwarie at (213) 247-3993.

About Coalition for Clean Air
Since 1971, the Coalition for Clean Air has worked to protect public health, improve air quality and prevent climate change in California. With offices in Los Angeles and Sacramento, CCA advocates for effective policy solutions to achieve clean air for California.