City of Union City logoThe City Council of Union City will vote at the next regular Council meeting on October 27 to approve an updated set of City Council Priorities that support the implementation of the City’s five-year strategic plan. This comes after a City Council retreat was held on August 13 to review progress on achieving the plan and to identify plan priorities from the City Council.  The October 27 vote is a procedural vote to formalize them into policy.

Developing an approach to homelessness in Union City is at the top of the priority list, which has remained there since the plan was adopted late last year. Other priorities include – but are not limited to – establishing a comprehensive fiscal stability and sustainability plan; determine the level of reauthorization of Utility User tax and develop an informational plan; develop a plan to reduce the costs and increase revenue for Community and Recreation services; and facilitate the build out of the greater Station District Area.

At the Council’s retreat on August 13, City Manager Joan Malloy provided a detailed progress report on the City’s status to achieve its strategic plan, highlighting the accomplishments of the first year of the plan.  The report highlighted that 22 of the Year One and Year Two strategies were well under way and three strategies had been completed. All three of the completed strategies were also City Council priorities, including reducing costs associated with the City’s fire contract with Alameda County.

City Council adopted its inaugural strategic plan in October 2019, as a tool to ensure that priorities set by the Council are conveyed in the organization’s goals, that strategies are clearly developed to meet the goals, and that overall city government is accountable to meeting community needs. The strategic plan has five multi-year goals in the areas of financial stability and sustainability; governance and organization effectiveness; economic, community development, and public safety; environmental sustainability and infrastructure; and communication and outreach. Each of these goals contain its own sets of strategies. Files of the strategic plan and progress report can be found at

City Manager Joan Malloy will be providing a condensed progress report to the community during a virtual town hall, which will take place on Wednesday, October 21 at 6:30 pm. To watch and participate in the town hall, you can head to the City of Union City’s Facebook page to watch the event. Or, just join us using one of the virtual options below:

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