City of Cupertino logoOn November 19, the Cupertino City Council approved the allocation of $200,000 for emergency assistance to help unhoused members of the Wolfe Road and Interstate 280 encampments. The City Manager is also authorized to negotiate and execute any contracts necessary to facilitate the emergency assistance.

The City of Cupertino, in partnership with the nonprofit agency Abode Services and the County of Santa Clara, has coordinated a pathway to housing for those living at encampments at Wolfe Road and Interstate 280. A resolution is scheduled for early December.

A series of events led to the determination that a pathway to housing is a necessary step for the health and safety of the participants. These events include:

Inadequate spacing at the encampment which is against Santa Clara County Public Health Guidance for COVID-19

  • An August 2020 hit-and-run collision resulting in the death of an encampments visitor
  • Proximity to a high-vehicular traffic roadway and freeway onramp
  • Upcoming extreme cold and wet weather
Those at the encampment will be offered temporary housing for six months or relocated to a safer outdoor area with services coming to them during that period. This unique solution came out of months of discussion and deliberation to ensure the care of these encampments members during this unusual time in our history as we face a deadly pandemic.

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