County of Plumas logoOn October 6th Plumas County moved from the Orange Tier to the least restrictive tier, the Yellow Tier and in less than a month Plumas County moves back to the Orange Tier. As of October 6th Plumas County had a total of 52 positive COVID-19 cases and since then the rate of positive cases have steadily increased to 86 cases to date. In less than one month there have been 34 new positive cases; thereby, moving Plumas County back to a more restrictive tier.

  • Purple (Widespread): Most restrictive
  • Red (Substantial)
  • Orange (Moderate)
  • Yellow (Minimal): Least restrictive

Since Plumas County is back on the Orange Tier, we cannot move back to the Yellow Tier until we have been on orange for a minimum of 21 days and we must meet the Yellow Tier criteria for two consecutive weeks. Plumas County can move to a more restrictive tier; such as red, if Plumas County is unable to meet the criteria for the Orange Tier for two consecutive weeks then Plumas County will be placed on the Red Tier and businesses will have to modify their operations to the restriction of the Red Tier. For a full list of sectors and current industry guidance you can go to the state’s website at

  • Retail: No significant changes going from Yellow to Orange
  • Places of worship: Can be open indoors at 50% capacity in Orange with maximum of 200 participants
  • Restaurants: Can be open indoors at 50% capacity in Orange with maximum of 200 participants
  • Bars and Breweries: In Orange Tier, only outdoors is allowed

At this critical time, an increase in cases or an increase in our positivity rate will move Plumas County into a more restrictive tier, which will affect our local businesses and activities. We can protect ourselves and our community by wearing face covering while in public places or while interacting with others not in your household, frequent hand washing , physical distancing and avoid social gatherings with those not from your household. This will keep us on a positive path forward.

If you have any questions please contact the Plumas County COVID-19 informational phone line 530- 283-6400 or send an e-mail to or visit our website at