City of Malibu logoAt Monday night’s Malibu City Council meeting, we were first made aware of an affidavit from outgoing councilmember Jefferson Wagner that contains allegations that a bidder tried to bribe him some years ago. The bidder is unnamed but there is no allegation that the company allegedly offering a bribe was awarded any contract with the City. Wagner also alleges that certain phone calls he received have led him to suspect that the law enforcement raid on his house was politically motivated. Wagner indicates that he does not have personal knowledge of some other incidents but recites that he has heard rumors regarding City employees.

The City of Malibu is taking the allegations in the affidavit seriously and will convey the affidavit to the proper authorities. The City is committed to transparency, accountability and ethical conduct in everything it does, both at the staff and Council levels. There is absolutely no place for any corruption of any sort at Malibu City Hall. Should any corruption be discovered at City Hall, the City will take all appropriate legal actions in response. We welcome the scrutiny.

Mikke Pierson, Mayor, City of Malibu