City of Calabasas logoAfter extensive public discussion at its January 27th meeting, the Calabasas City Council voted 4-1 to change the City’s default electrical energy rate within the Clean Power Alliance for all residential and business customers located in Calabasas. Beginning in October 2021, all Calabasas consumers will automatically be enrolled in 100% clean, renewable energy, a change from the current 36% clean energy rate; unless consumers have previously opted out or selected a different energy rate.

“Once again Calabasas is a leader in environmental stewardship and clean, renewable energy solutions,” said Calabasas Mayor pro Tem Mary Sue Maurer, “while at the same time offering choices to consumers that are economically affordable.”

The change will provide for more environmentally friendly energy consumption. As noted, there is an opt-out provision for those who do not want to be enrolled in the program, and consumers can also opt down to 50% or even to the current level of 36%. The City will be distributing information in the near future about how to opt out or opt down for those who wish to do so.