City of Claremont logoOn Tuesday, February 23, the Claremont City Council appointed Adam Pirrie as the City’s permanent City Manager.

Over the past four months, Mr. Pirrie has been serving as both the Acting City Manager and Finance Director for the City, resulting in a savings of $95,886. During his time as Acting City Manager, Mr. Pirrie has performed the duties of the position exceedingly well, bringing a sense of calm, continuity, and competence to the role.

“The City is facing unprecedented challenges over the next few years. Having someone with Mr. Pirrie’s skills, experience, and institutional knowledge is invaluable to City as we make critical decisions for Claremont’s future,” said Mayor Jennifer Stark.

Prior to accepting the Acting City Manager position, Mr. Pirrie was the City’s Finance Director for 10 years and has worked for the City since 2003. Mr. Pirrie has successfully navigated financial challenges including the economic downturn in 2008, the recent structural deficit, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am extremely honored that the City Council chose to extend the permanent position to me. Their faith in my ability to lead this outstanding organization and serve Claremont is humbling and overwhelming,” remarked Mr. Pirrie.

Mr. Pirrie will be working with staff on several prominent projects including the preparation of the Housing Element Update, Village South Specific Plan approval process, and the preparation of the 2021-22 Budget.