City of Daly CityThis evening May 5, 2021, the City Council of Daly City took action to approve the implementation of a Body Worn and Patrol Vehicle Camera Program for the City of Daly City Police Department. The City Council has directed the City Manager to execute an agreement immediately and to move forward with the purchase of these cameras.

I want to clarify the work of the City over the past few years to implement body worn and patrol vehicle cameras for our officers. As we discussed this evening, the recommendation to implement body worn and patrol vehicle cameras was first made in 2017. However, at that time, the City did not have funding for the cameras. In 2019, the current City Manager and City Council moved forward with the Measure Q ballot measure to address the funding issue. Measure Q passed on November 3, 2020, and since those funds have become available, the City has been working to implement the cameras. The City Council has taken steps to implement body worn and patrol vehicle cameras since February of this year, and tonight at our Special City Council Meeting, we have taken final action to procure these cameras.

As Mayor of Daly City, I want to acknowledge the challenging times we are going through in our City right now. I want to personally thank all those who have reached out to City leadership to share their commentary, concerns, and feedback. Please know that we do hear you and we know our community is made stronger through community involvement. I also want to acknowledge the work of our City staff for their efforts and commitment. We know we still have a lot of challenging steps to get through in the next few weeks. As your Mayor, I will ensure a transparent City government.

Thank you for your time and for caring about our City.


Juslyn C. Manalo, Mayor of Daly City