SiFi Networks is set to begin construction of the Placentia FiberCity® network, its second West Coast project. The privately funded citywide fiber network will pass every home and business in Placentia and enable the opportunity to access Smart City applications. Placentia is SiFi’s third FiberCity® and the second one in California.  

Construction of the fiber network will commence this month, with the entire network expected to be complete in 2023. 

SiFi Networks has started to construct its fiber-optic network in the neighboring City of Fullerton, which has seen the first homes equipped with fiber and residents benefitting from extraordinary internet speeds. 

High-speed fiber networks are critical infrastructure for economic development to thrive in any city, and Placentia is no exception. Placentia will also benefit from developing and sustaining Smart City applications to improve the City’s services, transportation, and environment, to name just a few of the possibilities. 

“The City is looking forward to the opportunity of working with SiFi Networks to construct and provide a  privately funded citywide fiber-optic network to our residents and businesses,” said Mayor Craig S.  Green. “SiFi Networks will be working towards creating one of the region’s most advanced fiber-optic  networks as well as provide the opportunity to implement Smart City initiatives such as e-health and education.” 

“Once built, service providers will be able to deliver ultra-high-speed internet and other product offerings to our entire community, enabling more choices for Placentia residents,” said Council Member Jeremy  Yamaguchi. “It is also a network that will reduce barriers in accessing ultra-high-speed internet for those in certain areas of our community that may not normally have access to high-speed fiber. We are  excited to work with our partners at SiFi to provide this backbone for the development of high-speed  connectivity within our City.” 

Placentia FiberCity® will be an open-access network for service providers, whether internet service providers, home security providers, cellular carriers, or even educational providers.  

“We are excited to begin construction in Placentia and look forward to getting to know the community  while we deliver the greatest network it’s ever had.” Said Ben Bawtree-Jobson CEO SiFi Networks. 

“What makes our model unique is that it is not only the fastest and most reliable network, but it’s also independently operated, allowing service providers of all kinds to access the neutral network, which means the streets only need to be dug once,” added Ben Bawtree-Jobson. 

GigabitNow has been carefully selected as the Internet Service Provider in Placentia. They have a  proven track record for excellent customer service and a wide range of product offerings at competitive prices. They are also one of the Internet Service Providers in the neighboring City of Fullerton. 

“GigabitNow is excited to be expanding our partnership with SiFi Networks in delivering fast gigabit  Internet services to the City of Placentia, California,” said Stephen Milton, CEO of GigabitNow. “Our gigabit Internet services surpass anything available today from existing providers in the city and continues our efforts in providing the best Internet experience possible to more communities across the  United States,” said Steve Milton, CEO at GigabitNow. 

A Groundbreaking Ceremony will officially mark the start of construction on June 10th at 11:00 am at the Placentia Civic Center Courtyard.  

Once construction has started, residents and businesses will find out more about the project at the weekly Eat and Greet event hosted by SiFi Networks. Follow Placentia FiberCity® across its social media channels to find out SiFi Networks’ Taco Truck location each week. Here you can meet your internet service provider GigabitNow and ask them any questions about their internet service. The SiFi team will also be on hand to answer any questions you have on the construction of the FiberCity®  network.