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After three and a half years of dedicated service to the Vallejo community, City Manager Greg Nyhoff has made the difficult decision to resign from his position with the City of Vallejo. “I am grateful for the opportunity to have served the Vallejo City Council and community. In my time here, we have accomplished much, and I wish the best in the continued progress and success in the community. The pandemic and economic shutdown created a challenging time for this community and our whole Country. I have the greatest amount of respect and appreciation for the leadership team and every employee who continued to provide the community with essential and important services. It has been my honor to serve with the best group of Directors that I have ever served with in my nearly 30 years of service to communities,” said Nyhoff.

During City Manager Nyhoff’s tenure, the City Council, Community, and City Staff have achieved much through collaborative partnering and an accomplishment-driven perspective.

Nyhoff and the City Council launched the OIR Police Department Assessment in 2019 that initiated the progress towards transparency and reform to rectify the existing challenges within the Vallejo police department. “I am proud to have worked with Chief Williams on this important project, and I trust that the City and the Department will continue this crucial work,” said Nyhoff.

To date, one of the highest priorities for the City Council and City Manager Nyhoff has been the development and reimagination of Mare Island through a robust Economic Development plan. The City will continue to move forward with a positive and collaborative approach, propelling the Mare Island project from a challenging and depressing past to a prosperous future for the Vallejo community.

In his closing remarks, Nyhoff stated, “I am grateful to so many in the community. My call to the Vallejo community as a whole is to let your optimistic voices be heard and be active in your future success stories; Celebrate your community and diversity through your actions, not hollow words and promises.”

 The Vallejo City Council has expressed their appreciation of Greg’s leadership, working toward the successful redevelopment of Mare Island and many other notable projects and initiatives. They wish Mr. Nyhoff well in this next chapter of his life.

Council has agreed to terms that will allow Nyhoff to collect the remainder of his salary on contract in order for him to resign. This will allow the Council to move forward with the selection of a new City Manager in the near future.

Assistant City Manager Anne Cardwell will move into the role of acting City Manager by operation of the City’s Charter until further notice.