City of Hayward logoThe City of Hayward is starting a new electronic gift card program to support local businesses, and help residents get more for their shopping, dining, and gift-giving dollar. Just in time for the holiday season, the new Together for Hayward e-gift cards can be purchased online here in any denomination and used at local participating businesses.

Additionally, the City will provide spending power boosts for each e-gift card purchased at certain levels, while City funding lasts.  Customers who purchase a $40 gift card will receive a second e-gift card worth $10.  A $75 e-gift card will come with an extra $20 bonus card, and a $100-plus card with an extra $30 bonus card—while City funding of the promotional bonus cards lasts.

The Together for Hayward e-Gift Card program features a growing list of local retailers, restaurants, services and entertainment—truly something for everyone. The cards also are ideal for business bulk purchasing, and as employee rewards and incentives, customer appreciation rewards, and as holiday and welcome gifts.

The City of Hayward Economic Development Division is carrying out the program through  To learn more, visit the Together for Hayward e-Gift Card program page here on the City of Hayward.

The cost to purchase an e-gift card is $1 plus five percent of the total value of the gift amount. While funds last, the City of Hayward will be covering this fee. E-gift card recipients pay nothing, and local merchants receive the full value of purchases made with the e-gift cards.

The digital nature of the e-gift cards allows customers to split the original and bonus portions to keep for themselves or gift to others via text or email.