City of Vallejo logoPublic Works Director Terrance Davis has been tapped to fill the role of Interim Assistant City Manager (IACM). Davis has served the City of Vallejo as the City’s Public Works Director since 2017.

“Terrance brings a wealth of knowledge and perspective to the position, having operated in multiple levels of city government, including his service as the Assistant City Manager for the City of Compton, California. After evaluating the current workload, it seemed logical to bring Terrance in to help improve our efficiency and provide additional oversight,” said Mike Malone, Interim City Manager.

Interim City Manager Malone oversees the City Clerk, Finance, Police, and Water Departments, with oversight for the remaining departments being split between Interim Assistant City Managers Hayes and Davis.

“We will continually reassess the structure and processes to find the most efficient ways for our organization to operate as we navigate this dynamic situation. These initial steps in creating efficiency will help stabilize our organization so we can continue tackling the more significant issues and achieve success,” said IACM Gillian Hayes

During Davis’ interim position in the City Manager’s Office, Assistant Public Works Director and City Engineer Melissa Tigbao has been selected to serve as the Acting Public Works Director. Tigbao has served the City of Vallejo for nearly three years and is a Vallejo Native.