City of Lancaster logoThe City is thrilled to announce that a $24.6 million grant has been awarded from the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program (AHSC) via the California Strategic Growth Council. Funding for AHSC grants is derived from auction proceeds from California’s Cap-and-Trade Program, which aims to reduce California’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The recent grant award marks the first time that an AHSC grant has ever been awarded in the Antelope Valley area. “We are so proud of the hard work by the City of Lancaster’s Housing Division!” stated Mayor R. Rex Parris. “The funding awarded through the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities program will make a huge difference in our efforts to improve local amenities, housing options, and economic opportunities.”

The funds awarded to the City of Lancaster, in partnership with Bridge Housing Corporation and Metrolink, will be used to support 114 units of income-targeted housing in the north downtown area, improved bike and pedestrian infrastructure, major reliability upgrades for the commuter rail, and the development of an independent microgrid. The 114 housing units will be constructed by Bridge Housing Corporation through a partnership with the Housing Authority. This will have a huge impact on the City where there is a dire need for additional workforce housing. The bulk of the units will be allocated to residents at a targeted income level, which supports salaries at growing, key local employers including school districts, local manufacturers, aerospace, and civil service.

The City’s Housing Division, with assistance from the Capital and Traffic Divisions, worked tirelessly to secure this much-needed funding for the City of Lancaster. More information about the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program can be found at