City of Menifee logoThe City of Menifee is pleased to announce that the City Council has adopted the first Jobs Blueprint Plan in Riverside County, a detailed plan of action for targeted job creation and a roadmap to bring quality jobs to the region. This groundbreaking plan is based on the City’s  Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) and is closely in line with the County of  Riverside’s CEDS to ensure synergy with the region and our partners. 

Menifee’s Jobs Blueprint Plan targets three key industries: Healthcare, Information Technology, and  Advanced Manufacturing. The plan also outlines the career pathways for foundational, middle-skill,  and high-skill development. These job and work-based learning methods include details on the pipelines available within the city and region for workforce development and provide future stakeholders with a pathway for success. 

“Menifee works diligently to remain on the cutting edge of innovation and our Jobs Blueprint Plan sets the stage to continue diversifying our local economy and providing residents with opportunities to concentrate their skills locally,” said Mayor Bill Zimmerman. “We have positioned ourselves to  pave the way for the region in workforce development and showcase why Menifee is the best place  to begin, expand, and grow your business.” 

The City of Menifee’s Jobs Blueprint Plan is available to view at the link here

For more information on the Menifee Jobs Blueprint Plan or other resources available to Menifee businesses or workforce, please contact the Office of Economic Development at or visit