City of Menifee logoThe City of Menifee made a strong commitment to enhancing public safety within city limits by adding 15 new positions for the Menifee Police Department. The new positions include eight police officers, four detectives, as well as a sergeant and lieutenant. A property room technician position was also added.  

Launched on July 1, 2020, the Menifee Police Department has grown to over 100 officers and personnel. The department continues to expand as part of their three-year growth plan, which includes multiple divisions such as investigations, traffic, K9, and crime scene investigation. 

“The addition of these new officer positions will allow Menifee Police Department to reinforce our patrol, traffic, and investigation divisions, which ultimately allows us to provide faster response times,” said Menifee Police Chief Pat Walsh. “We remain committed to keeping our city safe and  proactively solving issues in the community through creative and strategic policing methods.”  

Based on the increased sales tax revenue projections yielding an approximate $4.4 million in additional revenue to the City this fiscal year, the Menifee Police Department was able to accelerate their five-year police staffing plan in order to enhance public safety services and provide more dedicated patrol hours. 

“Strengthening public safety and keeping our neighborhoods safe remains a key priority for our City  Council,” said Mayor Bill Zimmerman. “We will continue to ensure that Menifee Police Department  has the personnel and resources needed to achieve that goal.”  

The recruitment for new positions opened yesterday and will be open to both lateral police officers and academy graduates. More information can be found on the City’s website or at: