On Friday, April 8, 2022, the Beaumont City Council and City Manager Todd Parton reached a mutual agreement for separation. The City Council voted 4-0 with Mayor Lloyd White, Mayor Pro Tem Julio Martinez, Councilmember David Fenn, and Councilmember Mike Lara in support with Councilmember Rey Santos abstaining.

Mr. Parton was hired by the Beaumont City Council on October 31, 2016 and working with the City Council successfully led the community through one of its darkest periods. Some of the many accomplishments achieved by Mr. Parton and the City Council include navigating the City out of economic collapse, establishing strong fiscal resiliency, resolving critical legal challenges and an SEC investigation, and addressing outstanding orders by the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board. After inheriting a General Fund deficit of $11 million, Mr. Parton implemented fiscal policies that led to a surplus of more than $17 million.

Additionally, under the leadership of Mr. Parton and the City Council, Beaumont funded and constructed a new $112 million wastewater treatment plant, completed design and construction of the Potrero Road interchange, and launched a comprehensive road maintenance program that resulted in the investment of $15 million to rehabilitate 152 lane miles. Other accomplishments included adopting the City’s first ever wastewater master plan, establishing a strategy to utilize recycled water, expanding public safety services to meet growth demands, adopting the city’s first ever Annual Comprehensive Financial Report, and restructuring the City’s community facilities district financing program that provided relief in special assessments for many of Beaumont’s households.

Mayor Lloyd White States: “At the time Mr. Parton joined the City of Beaumont, it was facing significant challenges. Mr. Parton was the right person at the right time to serve as the administrative leader of the City and to work closely with the City Council to place the City on a sustainable and prosperous path. The City Council extends its gratitude to Mr. Parton for all of his efforts and we wish Mr. Parton well in his future endeavors.”

Todd Parton states: “It has been my honor to have served the City of Beaumont, and I thank the City Council for the trust that they have placed in me,” said Mr. Parton. “I am proud of all that we have accomplished and thank my staff team who made these successes possible. Beaumont’s future is bright, and I am glad to have been here at such a critical time. It has also been a pleasure working with the many volunteers and community leaders who make Beaumont such a wonderful community.”

Interim City Manager Appointment

On Monday, April 11, 2022, the Beaumont City Council voted to appoint Elizabeth Gibbs as Interim City Manager. Most of our community and staff are very familiar with Elizabeth given her many years of service to the City.

By way of background and experience, Ms. Gibbs has served as a public administrator with 32 years of experience in local government across a wide range of departments, with expertise in public policy, project management and design, crisis management, fiscal management, community outreach, and public engagement. Ms. Gibbs holds a Bachelor degree and a Master of Public Administration degree from California Baptist University.

Ms. Gibbs’ most recent experience with the City was as our Community Services Director. She served in this role from July 2018 through January 2022. Prior to serving as the Community Services Director, she served as the City’s Transit Director from May 2016 through July 2018. Ms. Gibbs also served as the Beaumont Interim City Manager between June 2015 and May 2016, as well as several other City positions prior to that.

The City Council is grateful to Ms. Gibbs for her willingness to once again step in and serve the City and community as Interim City Manager, while the Council begins the process of recruiting a new City Manager.