The City of La Verne is pleased to announce the completion of its website revitalization. The City first began its website redesign process in June 2021, and the new website went live on April 28, 2022. With a modernized design and layout, the website is user-friendly and much easier to navigate.

“While the new website may take some getting used to, it will serve as a better hub of information for residents, business owners and visitors,” said City Manager Bob Russi. “Not only is the new website better organized to make resources easier to find and enhance the user experience, but the design itself also resonates with our residents.”

To enhance accessibility, the City worked with CivicPlus to create an ADA compliant website that includes assistive technology compatibility. The website’s features and colors were purposefully used to make the website as easily navigable and accessible as possible. It can also be translated into over 100 languages using the Google Translate feature. To learn about the City’s website accessibility, please visit the City’s website here.

Drawing from the City’s history as the “Heart of the Orange Empire,” the new website features orange icons to highlight popular pages on the website. When users hover over the icons, green leaves appear to emulate an orange. These icons link to frequented pages, including the Municipal Code, City Council and commission meeting resources, the online utility billing portal, the Community Services page, permits and forms and 24-Hour City Hall, the City’s online service request form.

From the homepage, residents can access popular pages, stay up to date with La Verne news and announcements and view a calendar of meetings and events happening in the City. The primary navigation menu is organized in five categories:

  • Government, where residents can find all things related to the City, including Council and Commission agendas, links to department webpages and voting and election information.
  • Residents, where resources such as water conservation information, recycling programs, park rentals, the coyote management plan and other services can be found.
  • Business, which houses resources including permit information, the business recycling guide, a business directory and a link to the Chamber of Commerce website.
  • Transparency, where residents can access compensation information, the Annual Budget and Comprehensive Report, as well as the Public Records Request form.
  • How Do I…, which groups application links, contact information and other frequently asked questions together.

The website redesign streamlines information and makes it easier for residents to find relevant information and services. Instead of small text and countless links, the new homepage utilizes larger text, contrasting colors and prioritized webpages to make online visits efficient and effective. Visit the new website today at