The proposed Fiscal Year 2022-23 budget for the City of Roseville includes $788 million in revenue and $767 million in expenses, $70 million of which is due to a one-time loan the City is handling on behalf of the South Placer Wastewater Authority.

More than half of the City’s overall revenues and expenses are related to the operation of the community owed electric, water, wastewater and refuse utilities.

The proposed budget directly supports the City’s mission to provide exceptional services in a fiscally responsible manner. Some of the specific funded goals in the budget include:

  • Fully staff police beat in West Roseville, provide additional animal control staffing, and continue to develop the Real Time Crime Center.
  • Expand graffiti abatement program.
  • Invest in capital improvements and rehabilitation, including the Roseville Sports Complex and improvements to Weber Park and Johnson Pool.
  • Support business growth, attract private investments, and deliver housing options in ways that enhance community vitality.
  • Participate in regional efforts to identify strategies to address homelessness.
  • Pay down unfunded liabilities to improve the City’s financial condition.
  • Reach economic stabilization and emergency reserves funding goals to maintain city services during the next recession.General FundThe City’s General Fund proposed budget, which consists of public safety, parks, libraries, public works and general government operations, is $212 million (28 percent of the overall proposed budget.)

    General sales and use tax, property tax and Measure B sales tax make up more than 75 percent of the City’s revenue for General Fund use.

    FY22-23 revenueFY 22-23 ExpensesFY 22-23 General Fund Revenues

    Providing public safety services (Police and Fire Departments) makes up almost half of the General Fund expenses.

    FY 22-23 General Fund Expenses