The City of Arroyo Grande has launched a transparency and voter information portal and a related outreach effort for an important Arroyo Grande measure on the November 2022 ballot. Measure D-22 will be put up for a vote this fall and, if passed, will increase the citywide Sales Tax by 1.0%.

“The City Council unanimously voted to place Measure D-22 on the November 8th ballot to support the financial longevity of Arroyo Grande. We also directed staff to ensure the public is properly informed about the tradeoffs of the measure,” stated Mayor Caren Ray Russom. “City Staff is working diligently to help inform the public about Measure D-22 and provide ample voter information. This November will be a packed ballot so we need to ensure we have done a fair job of providing our residents with information.”

The City has launched a dedicated webpage, with frequently asked questions, resources and more information on the measure. The dedicated webpage is one of many outreach efforts that the City is employing to help inform the community about Measure D-22.

The current sales tax rate in the City of Arroyo Grande is 7.75% – the lowest of the rates applied in other cities in the County. Arroyo Grande receives 1.5% of this amount and the remaining sales tax is distributed to the County and State. If Measure D-22 passes, the sales tax would rise to 8.75% and generate approximately $5.6 million annually. As a general tax, the funds will be deposited into the General Fund and can be used for any City projects or services, although the City Council and staff have identified a number of key needs including, street maintenance, pothole and sidewalk repair, stormwater infrastructure, and other public infrastructure, that will benefit from additional funding.

Sales taxes like Measure D-22 only apply to goods and services sold within Arroyo Grande, such as bars, restaurants, and retail stores like clothing stores and would not apply to most grocery purchases or the services of a doctor, dentist or attorney.

If a simple majority of voters approve Measure D-22, the additional 1% sales tax will bring the sales tax rate in the City to 8.75%, the same sales tax collected by nearly all other San Luis Obispo County cities.

For additional questions regarding the measure, residents can contact the City Clerk’s office at (805) 473-5414.