At its meeting on September 19, the La Verne City Council awarded a public works contract to Gentry Brothers, Inc. to complete the E Street and 2nd Street Improvement Project. The project will improve the Old Town La Verne streetscape at the E Street and 2nd Street intersection. 

“La Verne takes pride in maintaining its infrastructure, and we are always looking for ways to improve  mobility,” said Mayor Tim Hepburn. “Not only will this project improve accessibility in Old Town La Verne,  but it will also be connected to the L Line Station, providing easier access for residents and visitors.” 

In addition to enhancing usability for pedestrians and bicycle users, the finished project will serve as a  primary corridor for connecting Old Town La Verne and the University of La Verne to the future L Line  Station. Upgrades will be made on E Street from Arrow Highway to 2nd Street and on 2nd Street from E  to D Street, which include widening the existing sidewalk to utilize the full existing Right-of-Way, removing  the existing trees along the corridor, replacing existing trees and new landscape ground cover with  drought-tolerant species and implementing new irrigation and lighting improvements. 

The improvement also includes the installation of shared lane pavement markings, also known as  sharrows, to designate the project area as a Class III Bike way facility. Sharrow pavement markings will  also be extended along E Street to improve connectivity to the Class II Bike Lane facilities located north of  Bonita Avenue. 

In addition to the project, the La Verne City Council and the Joint Public Financing Authority (JPFA) Board  of Directors initiated the financing of the first Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District (EIFD) projects in  June 2022. Several projects are being prioritized for completion prior to the L Line becoming operational,  including the pedestrian bridge, which is funded through grants and federal dollars. 

Following the project’s approval, it is anticipated that the project will be completed by the end of  November. For more information on other upcoming Public Works projects, visit the City’s website. For  more information on the L Line and to sign up for construction updates, visit