City of Vallejo logoThe City of Vallejo is pleased to announce the completion of its Extreme Weather Policy.

This policy provides guidelines and procedures for staff to open an “Extreme Weather Center” in the City of Vallejo for the unsheltered population or community members without access to a viable shelter with a heat/cooling source. The space will provide temporary relief and respite for citizens during Extreme Weather Events.

The following will dictate the opening of an Extreme Weather Center.

Anytime the National Weather Service (“NWS”) forecasts:

  • Two (2) consecutive days with overnight lows below 35degrees Fahrenheit
  • Two (2) consecutive nights of rainfall with major or extreme risk levels as determined by the NWS
  • Two (2) consecutive days with highs of 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The forecast of an extreme event that poses a risk to life and safety

View the full policy by clicking here.

We encourage all community members to sign up for city communications and follow city social media accounts to be notified when an Extreme Weather Center opens. The messaging will include details regarding the center location, space availability, and any other important information.

Sign up for city communications by clicking here.