City of Temecula logoThe California Park & Recreation Society (CPRS) recognized the City of Temecula Community Services Department with three Awards of Excellence: two in Marketing & Communications and one in Innovative  Programming.  

CPRS Awards recognize outstanding achievement in the areas of facility design, park planning, marketing and communication, and community improvement and Innovative programming. Award winners represent the finest in initiatives addressing community issues, recreation programming,  park planning, facility design, and marketing and communications in California.  

City of Temecula Mayor Zak Schwank commented, “Winning three California Park & Recreation  Society (CPRS) Awards is a direct reflection of our collective commitment to provide the highest  quality of arts marketing for Temecula’s Theater, digital communications for Park Adventures, and  innovative programming in Aquatics Hiring Workshops. Temecula City Staff are indeed the ‘Best  of the Best’ and we are very proud of their talents and creativity which are now celebrated on a  state level throughout California as examples of excellence.” 

The City of Temecula received the following three CPRS Awards

Print Publication: Temecula Presents 2022-2023 Season Brochure 

Temecula Presents’ comprehensive, full-color catalog Welcomes Back Our Temecula Theater Family! Temecula Theater’s Brochure serves as an in-depth, artistic overview of the year’s performances at the City’s state-of-the-art proscenium stage. Full-bleed images highlight Temecula Theater’s 2022-2023  Season performances with custom, professional photography highlighting distinctive experiences and  events. 

Digital Media: Around & About Temecula: Park Adventures Web Series Park Adventures take viewers on a virtual tour of all the parks located in the City of Temecula. The Park  Adventures Series features Temecula’s parks of all sizes, and our goal is to encourage viewers to explore  all of them. Our online journey visits every park to experience the amenities and provide some history or  interesting facts along the way. We encourage everyone to get outside, experience Temecula’s diverse  parks, and even discover new ones, just beyond your own back yard! 

Innovative Programming: Aquatics Hiring Workshop 

Temecula Aquatics Division’s innovative combination of programming enhanced recruiting efforts enabling  us to broaden our reach for potential new employees and hire a fully staffed team for the summer  season. By promoting and encouraging participation in the aquatic profession, Temecula has solidified its  positioning as a safe City and viable employer for youth within our community while building brand loyalty  and increasing use. 

About CPRS  

Created in 1946, CPRS provide leadership and resources to promote the  role of parks and recreation in creating community through people, parks, and programs. CPRS is a membership organization with just over 4,000  members representing the 535 local parks and recreation agencies  throughout the state. The mission of CPRS is to advance the profession  and its members through education, networking, resources, and advocacy.  Learn more at