City of Grover Beach logoThe Grover Beach Police Department (GBPD) released its 2022 Annual Report this month highlighting the department’s accomplishments and efforts to foster transparency from the past year. In addition, GBPD developed its first 3-year Strategic Plan that will be implemented between 2023-2026.

“The Grover Beach Police Department has made it a priority to proactively communicate with our community, and they’ve demonstrated excellence in that,” said Grover Beach Mayor Karen Bright. “Their Annual Report and Strategic Plan serve as a testament to their achievements and dedication toward enhancing and improving policing practices in Grover Beach.”

The 2022 Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of the department’s activities and achievements from the past year, including crime statistics, community outreach efforts and initiatives to enhance officer wellness and public safety. The report highlights the department’s commitment to transparency and community partnerships.

Key highlights from 2022 include GBPD officers’ availability to address resident needs and respond to calls at exceptional rates, with an average response time of one minute and 48 seconds. With the department’s dedicated work, GBPD reduced violent crime by 21% and property crime by 17%. As part of its crime reduction efforts, GBPD has also invested in technological advancements through its Unmanned Aerial Systems Program and increase in public safety video cameras, which have been helpful in investigations.

In addition to reflecting upon the previous year, GBPD has worked to set goals and initiatives for the next few years. At the March 27 City Council meeting, the GBPD presented its first-ever 2023-2026 Strategic Plan, outlining tangible goals and objectives for enhancing public safety and maintaining departmental community relations over the next few years. The plan incorporated input from community stakeholders, City officials and department personnel. It also included an in-depth analysis of the department’s strengths and weaknesses to identify four key focus areas: community engagement, proactive policing, officer wellness, technology and innovation and organizational excellence.

“We are proud of the work that our officers and staff have accomplished to keep our be responsive to the community and enhance overall public safety efforts,” said Grover Beach Chief of Police John Peters. “We believe that our commitment to community engagement, proactive policing and technological innovation will enable us to continue providing the highest quality of service to our community in the years to come.”

For more information on GBPD communications, residents can visit the GBPD webpages.