City of La Cañada Flintridge logoOn February 21, 2023, the City of La Cañada Flintridge held a public meeting to discuss and approve the Mayors’ Discovery Park Recreational  Enhancements Conceptual Plan. With grant funding from the Proposition 68 Per Capita  Fund, the City has plans to redevelop the park to better accommodate its expanded recreational activities. 

“Mayor’s Discovery Park is a beloved park among our community, as it has something for residents of all ages,” noted Mayor Keith Eich. “We are grateful for the opportunity  to use the Proposition 68 grant to modernize the park and create an environment that  better fits the needs of our City.” 

Through various public meetings and collaboration with the Parks and Recreation  Commission, the City gathered feedback from the residents on the park amenity needs of the community. In addition to the community’s feedback, the City’s changes will ensure the park remains family and child-friendly, ADA compliant and maximizes green space to save as many trees as possible. 

The City plans to implement following upgrades: 

  • installation of a children’s playground to replace the current sandbox installation of an outdoor exercise equipment area 
  • installation of a bocce/mixed-use court 
  • installation of a small platform for future park programs 
  • new board game tables 
  • LED light retrofitting  
  • additional landscaping

The City is now in the process of recording a deed, filing the original deed to the  property in the appropriate county government office and gathering bid documents for  the park. Once the preliminary stages are complete, the City will solicit construction  applications to begin the work for this project in Summer 2023.  

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