Los Altos Hills logoThe Town of Los Altos Hills is delighted to announce that the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) certified the Town’s Sixth Cycle Housing Element in substantial compliance with State Housing Element Law. This certification marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to meet the housing needs of our community while adhering to state guidelines and promoting sustainable development. 

The Housing Element is a critical component of our General Plan to address the housing challenges in the region. It outlines a comprehensive strategy for accommodating the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) and ensuring an adequate supply of affordable housing within our Town. By achieving certification, we have demonstrated our commitment to fulfilling our obligations under state law and creating an inclusive and equitable living environment. 

We acknowledge that the discussion surrounding the Housing Element has been controversial, with differing opinions expressed in the news and within our community. We understand the concerns raised by some residents about potential impacts to our semi-rural character and pattern of development. However, it is important to emphasize that our approach to housing development is carefully balanced, taking into account both the need for increased housing options and the preservation of our unique community identity. 

The certified Housing Element enables Los Altos Hills to maintain local control over our land-use decisions and to exercise discretion when reviewing high-density development projects including those submitted under the “Builder’s Remedy” provisions of state law. As evidenced by this certification, we have worked diligently to create a plan that aligns with the preferences of our residents, while also meeting the requirements set forth by HCD. This achievement would not have been possible without the collaboration and input from the City Council, Planning Commission, community members, and our staff. 

Los Altos Hills remains committed to implementing our Housing Element in a manner that furthers our goals and obligations under state law, respects our Town’s character, and reflects the aspirations of our residents. We are dedicated to working closely with the community on the Housing Element program implementation while preserving the natural beauty and charm that make Los Altos Hills a desirable place to live. 

We extend our gratitude to the California Department of Housing and Community Development for their guidance throughout the process. Their certification affirms our Town’s commitment to responsible growth and a sustainable future. We are proud to have completed the Housing Element certification and look forward to working together with our community to bring its goals to fruition.