CCMF LogoThe California City Management Foundation (CCMF) looks forward to kicking off the 2023-24 program year on July 1. If you have not renewed your membership yet, or if you are looking to sign up for the first time, now is the perfect opportunity to do so! As the only organization dedicated exclusively to the advancement of the profession in the state, CCMF has provided value to hundreds of city management leaders for over 35 years.

A core component of their organization’s value is keeping up with the times and offering new and updated services as the city management landscape continues to evolve. They are proud to announce that the 2022-23 program year marked a new record for member and sponsor support, and they hope you’ll continue to advocate the profession by signing up for 2023-24 membership. 

CCMF remains committed to the following pillars: 

  1. Celebrate individual city managers and our profession.
  2. Support policies that make for successful, manageable and enduring cities.
  3. Ensure the profession remains attractive to the best talent to ensure good city managers are available to cities.
  4. Help current and future city managers advance their careers with education, training and career transition.
  5. Encourage and support managers through difficult times.

Are you making the most of your membership and taking advantage of CCMF’s numerous resources and services?

Watch the video here to learn more about how your colleagues are leveraging CCMF’s value. The video includes anecdotes from a range of CCMF members, each discussing why they chose to join CCMF and how the organization has helped them achieve personal and community goals. For more information about CCMF, please visit CCMF’s website and sign up for 2023-24 membership today!