Laguna Hills logoThe City of Laguna Hills recently launched a mobile application called “City of Laguna Hills,” available for download on both Apple and Google Play stores. The new, interactive app is designed to provide easy access to the content found on the official City of Laguna Hills website. 

“The development of this app is a milestone for Laguna Hills,” noted Mayor Janine Heft. “We’re always looking for ways to enhance the connection between residents and city services, and the City of Laguna Hills app is a great addition to our toolset. We are proud to have invested the effort in developing this software to provide an enhanced experience for our residents that results in greater accessibility to the work our staff do to serve the community.” 

One of the key advantages of the City of Laguna Hills app is its facilitation of seamless communication between residents and City departments. With the “report a concern” feature, users can select specific categories—such as graffiti, traffic signals and street maintenance—to report areas that require attention or improvement. Users can also attach relevant images, if applicable. The app instantly notifies the respective department of the report, which simplifies and expedites the reporting and resolution process for both residents and staff. Users must create an account on the app or on the website to access the “report a concern” form.

The City of Laguna Hills app offers a comprehensive range of features that consolidate various aspects of civic life into a single, easily navigable platform. Users can also access event calendars, browse upcoming and past meeting agendas and stay informed about recent news in the City all in one place. Key information and links including job postings, Laguna Hills social platforms, emergency alerts and the City Resource Directory are readily available on the app’s homepage. 

To download the app, visit: (Apple Store) or (Google Play Store).