City of Milpitas logoLast week, the City of Milpitas launched a new website,, a modern and user-friendly online platform for the community to connect, engage, and access vital information.

“Our new website represents a significant step forward in our commitment to improving accessibility for all of our residents, business owners and other stakeholders. Our priority is to make information and resources more readily available to everyone,” said Mayor Carmen Montano.

The new offers the following features:

  • Streamlined Navigation Menu. With intuitive menus and search functionality, residents will be able to quickly locate the information they need.
  • Mobile-responsive Design. Information on our website is adapted to any device and screen size, for both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Virtual Assistant. Answers to frequently asked questions will be provided 24/7 from any device through a Chatbot/How may I help you button.
  • New Email Notification. Residents can subscribe to press releases, info memos, newsletters, event announcements, etc. 
  • Translation Tool. Through a click of a button the translated version of the webpage will be displayed in a matter of seconds. From widely used languages in our community such as Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Spanish and Hindi to less commonly used languages, our tool has the Milpitas community covered.

The website redesign was inspired by community input as well as internal and public feedback. The new site will now serve as an enhanced information hub for residents, business owners and other stakeholders and enable City staff to manage content and provide more timely updates. With a range of new features, the new site is expected to augment communication, foster civic participation and improve the overall quality of life for the Milpitas community.

The public is invited to explore the new, familiarize themselves with the new features, provide feedback and invite friends, family and colleagues to visit the site.