City of Camarillo logoThe City of Camarillo is pleased to announce the official launch of its economic development website, Designed to promote business growth, attract investment, and provide essential resources for entrepreneurs, the website demonstrates Camarillo’s commitment to fostering economic prosperity and supporting local businesses. is all about site selection,” shared Georg Winkler, Camarillo’s economic development manager. “It showcases Camarillo for the community that it is, and the value we provide as a place to live and a place to do business.”

The website offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that provides entrepreneurs, investors, and businesses with a wealth of information to help them succeed. It serves as a comprehensive hub for business resources with information necessary for starting, expanding, and relocating businesses in Camarillo and showcases a variety of exciting investment opportunities, ranging from commercial real estate developments to strategic partnerships with local businesses.

Recognizing the importance of a skilled workforce, it emphasizes Camarillo’s commitment to fostering talent development. Employers can explore the City’s educational institutions, training programs, and networking opportunities to connect with qualified professionals who can contribute to their business growth.

The website also keeps users informed about the latest economic developments, business-related events, and success stories from the Camarillo community. By highlighting local achievements, the website aims to inspire collaboration and generate a sense of pride in Camarillo’s economic accomplishments.

Mayor Susan Santangelo expressed her enthusiasm for the economic development website, stating, “ demonstrates our dedication to economic growth and showcases the tremendous potential Camarillo has to offer. By providing businesses and investors with valuable resources and a vibrant community, we are confident that Camarillo will continue to thrive and attract new opportunities.”

The launch of the economic development website aligns with Camarillo’s long-term vision of becoming a top Southern California location for businesses, entrepreneurs and investors.

To explore the new website and discover the opportunities awaiting you in Camarillo, visit