California JPIA logoIf you’ve attended a California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (California JPIA) academy, chances are, you’ve met Training Coordinator Michelle Aguayo. This month, Michelle celebrates her 15th anniversary serving the Authority members.

“Michelle has been a great addition to the training team and excels at customer service,” said California JPIA Training Manager Joe Eynon. “She is the face of the Authority’s academies, ensuring everyone is cared for. Her attention to detail is second to none from start to finish.”

Before joining the Authority staff, Michelle gained diverse experience in the private sector, working for marketing, engineering, and finance companies. Michelle’s experience allowed her to hone her customer service skills, which she notes to be a core principle of her current role in member services.

“I have always held positions that required some form of customer service. However, since working for the Authority, I’ve learned what that truly means,” explained Aguayo. “We put our members first and always want to assist in any way we can with the resources offered. This sometimes means carving out time to catch up or visit the agency in person at a training event. Often, sharing a phone call instead of an email goes a long way. Although I love emails, I’ve learned the best way to connect with people is in-person or over the phone.”

Aguayo joined the Authority staff in 2008 as an administrative assistant, eventually becoming a training coordinator in 2014. In her current capacity, she adeptly guides member agencies in shaping their training plans, oversees the coordination of multi-day training academies, contributes to improving the learning management system and plays a critical role in organizing the annual Risk Management Educational Forum.

As a natural planner, her aptitude for organization ensures the smooth coordination and planning of trainings, academies and events for the Authority. In 2014, Aguayo was tasked with coordinating the Authority’s academies–although noting other successes, she takes pride in creating efficiencies and streamlining logistics.

“Michelle’s commitment to the training team is certainly commendable; her efforts contribute to the seamless operation of providing valuable academies to our members,” said California JPIA Chief Executive Officer Alex Smith. “Every aspect, from programming to refreshments, is meticulously attended to. Her comprehensive approach ensures our members enjoy an unparalleled experience. With deep gratitude, I applaud her 15 years of exceptional service.”

As a dedicated risk management professional, Aguayo is pursuing her Associate in Risk Management designation to continue supporting and serving members.

Michelle’s dedication to the Authority emanates from a place of camaraderie and pride. In her words, “Working here feels like family, and I have pride in what I do. I feel valued as an employee and have gained many great relationships throughout my career. When I started here 15 years ago, I told everyone, ‘I bleed Authority green.’ I remain highly dedicated to the Authority, my coworkers, our members, and to performing my job responsibilities with excellence.”

About the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority

Providing innovative risk management solutions for its public agency partners for more than 45 years, the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority (California JPIA) is one of the largest municipal self-insurance pools in the state, with more than 125 member cities and other governmental agencies. Members actively participate in shaping the organization to provide important coverage for their operations. The California JPIA provides innovative risk management solutions through a comprehensive portfolio of programs and services, including liability, workers’ compensation, pollution, property, and earthquake coverage, as well as extensive risk management training and loss control services. For more information, please visit the California JPIA’s website at