City of Fairfield logoCity Manager David Gassaway has named Samantha Burrows the new Homeless Services Manager after extensive recruitment to replace former Homeless Services Manager, Dawn La Bar. Burrows brings over 20 years of experience in a broad range of social services and programs to this position. 

Gassaway said, “I am excited to welcome Samantha to the City of Fairfield team. Her extensive experience in the non-profit arena offers another perspective to help bring Fairfield’s ongoing mission of reducing homelessness to the next level.” 

Fairfield has positioned itself as a leading force in reducing homelessness and mitigating its impacts in alignment with the City Council’s goals and priorities. Burrows will continue to develop systems and programs to fortify the City’s homeless strategy and will serve as a liaison to community agencies and organizations. Historically, these relationships have provided a more unified approach, yielding significant results. 

“Stepping into this role as the new Homeless Services Manager is an exhilarating journey,” said Burrows. “Joining an already thriving program, I am fueled by the prospect of weaving my years of experience and passion into the fold.” 

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