City of Hawthorne logoThe City of Hawthorne proudly announces its latest initiatives aimed at bolstering economic growth and supporting small businesses. With a keen focus on revitalizing the local economy, the City launched several new programs: Small Business Assistance program, Small Business Rental Assistance, Community eGift Card and Business Connect.

In partnership with HdL Companies, the Hawthorne Small Business Assistance program officially launched on July 17, and is an exciting step towards supporting small businesses in the area. With a rolling application period open from July 17 to August 18, eligible small businesses can apply for financial aid through this innovative program. Leveraging the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds, the Hawthorne Business Assistance program will provide key resources to local businesses, promoting community led, sustainable economic growth.

One of the standout options of this program is the Small Business Bootcamp, which promises to empower entrepreneurs with valuable insights and tools for success. A marketing intensive, hosted by marketing firm Tripepi Smith, will kickstart the series of workshops designed to equip small business owners with cutting-edge entrepreneurial strategies. In addition to the bootcamp, the program offers a range of a la carte business assistance options, including graphic design help, newsletter template creation, website development, and professional business photo shoots and videos.

Additionally, recognizing the challenges faced by local entrepreneurs throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the City has set up an option for a Small Business Rental Assistance program using ARPA funds, helping businesses cope with the economic strain of the past few years.

In parallel with the Hawthorne Small Business Assistance program, the City’s Business Connect initiative is in full swing. This program streamlines local permitting processes, enabling businesses to navigate bureaucratic hurdles more efficiently. Moreover, Business Connect has been instrumental in conducting informative workshops that provide guidance on starting and marketing a business successfully. Business owners can also look forward to an upcoming meet and greet event on August 7, fostering networking opportunities to forge strong partnerships within the community.

Hawthorne’s dedication to supporting local businesses extends to the innovative Hawthorne Community eGift Card program. This community-driven digital gift card incentivizes local spending, stimulating the growth of businesses within the city. For every Hawthorne Community eGift Card worth $25.00 or more purchased, the City will contribute an additional $25.00, amplifying the value of each transaction. With no special technology or administration required for participation and no participation fee, this program makes it easy and fun to support local businesses.

Furthermore, the City’s commitment to enhancing the community’s aesthetics and appeal has led to the establishment of the City’s façade program. This funding initiative encourages business owners to enhance the exteriors of their establishments, boosting the visibility of our local businesses.

“We are proud to offer a wide variety of programs to support our local business owners,” said City Manager Vontray Norris. “I look forward to continuing to expand our development efforts, and am excited to see how our community takes advantage of the variety of workshops, networking events, and funding resources offered by our City.”

For more information on the various programs and support available to Hawthorne’s business community, please visit