City of Palm Desert logoOn January 25, the Palm Desert City Council officially adopted “Map 109 Renumbered B,” concluding the redistricting process and initiating the shift to a five-district election system.

In August 2023, the City initiated the redistricting process to transition from a two-district rank choice voting system to a by-district voting system, establishing a five-district map. Throughout this process, the City facilitated public hearings and community workshops to inform and engage the community.

The newly adopted map and election sequencing are as follows: Incumbent council members will continue serving their current terms, with Districts 1, 2, and 3 elections set for November 2024 and Districts 4 and 5 scheduled for December 2026.

Concurrently, on January 25, the City Council introduced an ordinance to eliminate rank choice voting in future elections, aligning with the transition to the new electoral system.

The City acknowledges all participants in the redistricting process for their contributions. For more details, visit or contact the Palm Desert City Clerk’s Office at or (760) 346-0611.

The City was ably assisted by a team of professionals including Tripepi Smith and National Demographics Corporation (NDC). Tripepi Smith was engaged as an outreach expert on the redistricting process. Their team headed up key communications throughout the process, including creating a redistricting website, social media content, print flyers and mailers, and digital advertising. Tripepi Smith collaborated closely with City staff to ensure expansive reach to Palm Desert residents.

National Demographics Corporation was engaged as the City’s demographics expert in the transition to a five-district map. NDC provided map-drawing resources and tools, developed draft maps for public input, processed map submissions, and shared their subject matter expertise to empower the City throughout each step of the process. The firm has a history of collaboration with Tripepi Smith and both have worked with other jurisdictions to assist with their redistricting efforts.