City of Torrance logoTorrance City Manager Aram Chaparyan is pleased to announce the newest member of the City’s executive staff with the appointment of Ian Dailey to deputy city manager.

Prior to his appointment to deputy city manager, Ian served as the City’s assistant finance director responsible for executing the finance director’s vision and overseeing daily operations for the Finance Department including the areas of budget, accounting, accounts payable, business license, procurement, payroll and revenue operations.  In the same capacity, Ian led implementations of budget and payroll systems; efforts to obtain the City’s first Government Finance Officers Association Distinguished Budget Presentation Award; and helped implement strategies to rebuild City reserves to levels not experienced in over a decade.

Prior to joining Torrance’s Finance Department, Ian served as the assistant superintendent for finance and administration at the Lexington Public School District in Lexington, Massachusetts. While at the school district, he oversaw all financial matters as well as human resources, transportation and the school lunch program. Additionally, Ian began his public sector career in Torrance’s Transit Department as a staff assistant supporting the administrative division on various projects.

Ian received his Bachelor of Science in Managerial Economics from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and earned his Master of Public Administration with a Certificate in Public Sector Financial Management from California State University Long Beach. Ian’s forward-thinking, nimbleness and financial management earned him the promotion to deputy city manager.  In his new role, Ian will help advance the City’s Strategic Plan initiatives, coordinating efforts across departments to deliver outcomes to the community. Ian will also support efforts in labor relations and ensure a data-driven approach to economic growth, legislative affairs, development incentive programs, land management and other priority focuses.