Thousand Oaks logoThe City of Thousand Oaks is excited to announce the creation of a new Cultural and Community Services Department, effective July 1, 2024, under the direction of Current Cultural Affairs director Jonathan Serret. This strategic shift will integrate Library Services, Theatres and Community Services into a comprehensive hub designed to enhance programming and services, boost community engagement and provide residents with a wealth of opportunities to learn, create and connect.

“We are confident that the Cultural and Community Services Department will stimulate innovation, collaboration and cultural vibrancy,” said City Manager Andrew Powers. “This merger signifies a renewed commitment to providing residents with exceptional services, cultural experiences and fostering a strong sense of community.”

This exciting shift aligns with the recently adopted General Plan, which outlines the community’s vision and an ambitious set of guiding principles, strategies and goals to position the City for future success. The Cultural and Community Services Department will play a vital role in working towards achieving the community’s and City Council’s vision by providing a centralized platform for cultural programming, fostering community engagement and enriching the lives of residents.

“This realignment is not about abrupt changes. It’s about creating a unified core for exploring untapped opportunities and staying nimble to meet the evolving needs of our community,” said newly appointed Cultural and Community Services Director Jonathan Serret. “Combining the City’s primary public programming and services under one department reflects a service model successfully implemented by organizations across the state and country. While working together, each operational area—Library Services, Theatres and Community Services—will retain its unique identity, branding and community reputation.”

The City understands the importance of stable library services and is committed to maintaining the same level of exceptional service and access to valuable resources. Current Deputy Library Services Director Darren Jeffery will be named City Librarian. In his new role, he will oversee library operations and continuity while working with leadership to drive the library into the future.

“I am excited for the future of our libraries here in Thousand Oaks. We have an incredible opportunity to expand our services, reach new audiences and continue to innovate and adapt to changing service models,” said the newly appointed City Librarian, Darren Jeffery. “I am grateful to help guide our talented team through this transition and build on the energy the other teams will bring to our new department.”