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Recognized as a true “small town” with a citizenry that prides itself on caring, cooperating and working together, the City of Corcoran (pop. 22,691) is an effective, cooperative and mutually supportive team for achieving community goals and providing services and programs for the community.  The City Council, City Manager, City Directors, staff team and residents collaborate, maintain positive relations, and work together on major projects and in support of each other. 

The City is seeking a creative, thoughtful leader, and a strategic thinker, leader and team member to serve as its new City Manager.  The ideal City Manager is an individual who will serve the City of Corcoran with pride, be familiar with the region, and have the attributes to lead and manage the organization.  The City Manager should be a government professional with integrity, honesty, excellent communication skills and humor; who is open and direct, a team player, enthusiastic, creative, accessible, astute, and responsive.  The new City Manager should additionally have skills and experience in fiscal management, motivating and empowering staff, seeing projects to completion, representing and defending the City’s interests, and economic and community development.  

This position requires a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration, Business Administration or a related field, and at least 5 years of progressively responsible experience in public sector management.  A Master’s degree is desirable.  The salary range for this position is commensurate with experience and the average of City Manager compensation in the region.  

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Resumes are acknowledged within two business days.  Call Tony Dahlerbruch at (866) 912-1919 for more information. A detailed brochure is available at

Filing deadline is April 11, 2021.

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